Nov 20, 2015

Mango Pulisseri

Kerala Moru Curry Recipe

Curd  - 2 cup

Pepper Powder - ¼ tsp

Fenugreek Powder - 1 pinch

Turmeric Powder  -  ¼ tsp

Ginger (sliced)  - 1 tsp

Garlic (chopped) - 2 nos

Green Chili  - 2

Coconut Oil  - 1 tbsp

Mango - 4 nos
Red Chili - 2
Curry Leaves   - 1 stem
Salt - As required
Blend the curd without water. Add little Pepper powder, turmeric powder, salt. Add mango pieces when it starts boiling.  then keep on fire and stir. Stir well and remove from fire after 10 mins.
In a pan pour some  coconut oil, put mustard, when the mustard starts popping add red chili (cut into 3) and curry leaves. Then pour the mixture to curry.

Oct 26, 2015

First Step

I was very much happy and delighted when we get down at the Trivandrum railway station. I with my father reached here to attend the kerala engineering allotment process. Though the allotment process has started since last week, my turn is today. The candidates are called for allotment based on their rank in the Entrance examination. That is why nowadays pupils are more concerned about the entrance examination than their
public 12th class examination.      

                      Actually, it is my aim and desire to become software engineer. And I am
sure that I had hardly worked hard for that. Even though I had separate coaching class,
different type of books, I could not utilize these well, or I did not use it well.

                     My father did not utter a single word after we landed here. At last, he began.
“We can take a room near by the station, ok...?” I nodded.         

                    We crossed the road and started walking through the walkway. The day is in
its childhood. The rush in the city is growing slowly.

                     My father is too familiar with Trivandrum city because he is an active
member of a teacher’s union. Therefore, he had to come here for attending meetings and
other functions. Now he is the district secretary of schoolteacher’s union.

                    We took a single room in an ordinary lodge. The room was not bad there
were a table, chair, and a safe in addition with a cot.

“Vivek, what were you people doing yesterday night? Do you think it was right?” Father
I did not say anything.

                    I knew it was my mistake; but it was not only my mistake but also my
friends Anjana and Arjun had roles in that late night event.

“What a noise! If anybody had made a complaint the police would arrested you.” He fired
 I sat simply without looking at him. He is standing just near by safe to change his dress.

                  Yesterday I met my friends Anjana, who was accompanied with her father and
Arjun in the train. We all had a final destination, Kerala Engineering Allotment program.
Anjana’s allotment will be held at 2.30 PM tomorrow. Arjun was not even qualified for
the allotment process. He reached here as a proxy for his cousin. Candidate’s Parent,
Guardian or any authorized person can act as a proxy, if candidate is not able to attend
the allotment.    

                    Arjun and Anjana are neighbors, and we all were classmates too. She was the
most beautiful girl in our school at that time. Though Arjun is her neighbor, he always
came to school with her. Therefore, we all boys had same opinion about him that he is the
luckiest boy in our school. Yesterday I too had a chance to be a lucky boy in other
traveler’s perspective. I thought it is a very good sign because I will enter into a colorful
college life within one month, and I saw Anjana in this journey, on the way to the first
step of my college life, so in the whole walk through that life I would see the beauties
better than this best.

                      We revised all the moments in our unforgettable school life. We talked
about our plans too. Anyhow, it was not like an official talk. We were just rocking in that
sleeper coach compartment. All the passengers were engaged with their own tasks.
Nobody made either a request or a warning. Even Anjana’s father did not feel bad about
us. Because, he was busy with his snoring. But it was my father who also didn’t make
any complaint sat and laid in the seat frequently with a murmur.

He did not stop it yet. According to him, students should have some discipline and
manners in their basic behavior.

“What is that boy’s name...?”  Father asked.

“He is Arjun.”

“What is his ranking in the examination?”

“Actually...!” I stopped incompletely.

From first standard onwards, I have a habit of detailing all about my friends to parents;
especially to Amma. I knew my father had known the position of Arjun. Now he wants to
hear it from my tongue itself.

“Actually…?” he questioned.

“Achaa…, he is not qualified.”

We usually call father Achan.

“I know, I know; how can he get qualified? Irresponsible boy. You have to keep some
manners when we are in a group. First, learn some manners. Then go for engineering or
medicine.” He said angrily.

He went to the bathroom with a towel. I lay in bed with stretching arms.

“Vivek, don’t waste your time by looking here and there, it is already 8’o clock. Keep
your certificates and other documents in my handbag.” He said loudly.
His sound echoed in that bathroom. I woke up from the bed.

                    My certificates rest in the glass leaves of dark blue file. I turned the pages.
Mark list from entrance commissioner’s office. Engineering Rank 15525. Even though I
like medical profession, I did not write medical entrance examination other wise I may
get one more 5-digit rank in my mark sheet. (Number of applicants is less than one lakh
this year.) I turned that page. Higher secondary certificate with 78% of marks. Then I
moved to the next page. Small Vivek Sachithanand‘s photo in the Secondary School
Leaving Certificate smiled to me, certificate with 88% of marks. The certificate obtained
at the end of term of study at the secondary school.

My father always compares my studies with a bouncing ball. In the very first throw, it
attains a maximum height. Then it become short, short and again short. Anyhow, today
onwards I want an uneven bounce.

“Go and take bath.” My father came with a refreshing smell.

                    * * * * *

                    Immediately after my bath, we left our room. Father took his hand with my
file. We reached at allotment hall on time by an auto. The hall compound was crowded
with future engineers and their parents as well as relatives. Now the time is 10.25. By the
timetable provided, we have to enter the allotment hall on 10.30. But it was heard that
today’s allotment had started late by half an hour. We just walked through the compound.

Four wheelers and two wheelers were parked as in a showroom. All models of all
companies in all colors were available there.

“Vivek…, “a man called from behind.

 It was Deepak. He is my ex-classmate.   

 “Oh it’s you,” I exclaimed.

 “What is your rank?” He enquired.

 “15525.”I said.

  “Is it? Mine is 15527.” He said.

 “Oh, really. That is good.”

 “11 o’clock is our time right?”

 “I m not sure. But I think so.” I replied harshly.

 Because I did not like his character at the school time onwards.

 “Vivek, what happened to your Matrix? They are not up to the mark this year.” He asked 
in his own style.

 “How I come to know about that? But you are right; their result is not good this year.” I
said without looking him.

“But Vivek…,” he continued.

“Ok Deepak, see you.” I interrupted and left him.

  I never like his character. He will always find something bad in everything.

                       Matrix was my entrance-coaching center. It is a very famous center in our
town. After my 10th STD result, my mother always makes quarreling with father. Her
problem was nothing but my entrance coaching. At last, my father took me with him to
make an enquiry in main coaching centers. First we went to Matrix. At that time their
they had a receptionist called Priyanka. I have never seen such a beautiful lady in my life.
She explained their fees structures and other details. Then father asked for my opinion. I
could not even think about saying a NO. I was double ok. I was very happy because I will
get her divine sight at least once a week. Gradually I came to know that majority of the
students joined there had same intention exactly similar of mine.

 If any students in matrix who studied there that time will ever be happy in their parents
any decision, I am sure that it might be their Matrix admission. The reason was Priyanka,
Our receptionist.

Suddenly my father’s voice bought me from those sweet memories. Finally, my time is
up. We 15500 s were escorted to the allotment hall

“Come on, come on.” he hasted.

I followed him to the hall. A large screen was placed in one corner, to show current
availability of seats in all colleges. We sat there and watched the screen. Figures on the
screen become smaller and smaller in every second.

After the certificate verification process, we sat in front of a computer man.
“Rank…, 15525. Name…, Vivek Sachithanand. All government colleges are full. Aided,
Co-operate colleges full. So what you decide? Admission…, or Higher option.” he asked.

“No sir, we would like to prefer the colleges in our district. SFCT, TMCE and BCST.”

 It was my father’s only demand when I compelled him to join me in any self-financing
colleges after the entrance examination result. That is I would not be allowed to stay in
hostel. There are only three self-financing colleges in our district at reachable distance for
me as a day scholar. They are St Francis College of technology or SFCT led by a
Christian management, Taslim Muhammad College of Engineering or TMCE an
institution under an Islamic trust, and Brahma College of Science and Technology or
BCST managed by temple committee.

“Ok sir, for CS seats are available in all colleges, EC ten more seats are vacant. ME and
EEE seats available in BCST only. All together 54 seats are vacant for General category.
You decide.” He said and he leaned back in his chair.

“CS in SFCT.” I said.

“Ok. Computer science and Engineering in SFCT.” He looked my father. Father nodded.

He pressed some keys in the keyboard.

“You have to pay the money in that bank’s counter. After that you will get the green
memo.” He said with out looking us.

            Admission memo or green memo is a green colour paper slip that will be issued to
the selected candidates after the centralized allotment process. It is obligatory for the
candidates to which he or she is selected. I remembered the text about the green memo
that I had read from the prospectus.

Father came to the door with that green memo. Vivek Sachithanand, Computer science
and engineering, St Francis College of engineering. I read it three times.

I put it in the file and walked outside.

“Vivek…, “Somebody called me. I turned back. It was Deepak again.

“Which college you got?” he asked eagerly.

“CS in SFCT.”

“I got ME in Government engineering college Thrissur “he smiled.

“That is good. Ok Deepak bye Achan is waiting.” I walked.

               Deepak got admission in Government College. The person who has 15500 more
rank got admission in a Government College. Caste Reservation made him a government
college student. The person who has a family income more than 5 lakh got free admission
in Government College. Caste Reservation made him a free student.

               After independence, our government implemented various types of reservation
scheme for helping the minorities. Now it is the time to change the parameters of this
reservation system. After talking with Deepak, I thought about Suman, my classmate who
had 10000 something rank in the entrance examination. His father is a farmer and they
haven’t enough money to make him an engineer. Though his father is a Brahmin, he is
not eligible for government’s money.            

“Which college he joined?” Father asked.

“He has some cast reservation so he got ME in Government College Thrissur“

Father nodded.

“You have to join on next 6th.”

I called Amma.

“Your Amma will be very happy today. She loves you that much.” Father said.

“I know.” I nodded.

“The most beautiful person on earth, our best critic. Yet our strongest supporter; that is
our mother, Amma.” He said. He again smiled.

A human body can bear only up to 45 Del (unit) of pain. But at the time of giving birth, a
woman feels up to 57 Del of Pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time.
I remembered a mother’s day message that I got. After that, we had our lunch and returned to our room.

            In the evening, we went to Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, one of the ancient
Hindu   temples in kerala. The name of the city Thiruvanathapuram derives from the
name of   the presiding deity Sree Anantha Padmanabhaswamy resided in the temple.

             We again reached the room at night and we have to return tonight. However, I
did not have any reservation for college seats, but we had reservation for our return train.             
We vacated the room and went to the station by an auto.

Train was lying there like a python after its meal. We entered into its stomach. After its
dinner nap, train starts crawling through the rail.